Phones, Paging, Forwarding, Auto-Attendant and more

Communication That Goes Beyond Phone Calls

How many calls, voicemails, chat messages, and other correspondence happens on campus each day? The answer is “a lot”! And that’s why telephony matters.

You know campus communication is important — from phone calls, to paging, to voicemails, to automated systems — and that’s why telephony (or Voice Over IP) is an essential service for educators.

Advanced telephony systems elevate user experience across all communication categories and schools just like yours can take full advantage.

Zero Barriers to Campus Communication

VoIP is so effective for schools you'd think it was designed just for education!

Telephony by Veeya is, in fact, designed specifically for charter schools.

Phone Services

VoIP provides an exceptional experience for basic phone service with call clarity far superior to a traditional phone network or PBX.

Managed and Maintained

Communication that just works is essential to a learning environment and that means you want a fully managed VoIP network. Fully managed means fully maintained.

compatible across devices

Communication can be configured to use handsets, computers, or mobile devices. This provides ultimate flexibility for reaching and connecting wherever you are.

One Number Caller ID

Mobile users can conceal their personal phone number from caller ID systems, instead showing their work phone number, making calls appear as if they are coming from the office.

Voice command dialing

Knowing and keeping up with extensions is replaced with dial-by-voice. Speak the name of the person you want to reach and connect with them by name!

More connectivity options

VoIP is communication delivered over IP (internet protocol). Users can connect via ethernet connection or over Wifi, expanding conn

User Activity Status

Your VoIP connection and devices operate off of your broadband connection, lowering costs of connectivity, maintenance, and management.

Scale up or scale down

Adding or subtracting users, concurrent calls, handsets, and system features is simple and can be done in a fraction of the time you’d expect from traditional phone service.

Cost Effective

Your VoIP connection and devices operate off of your broadband connection, lowering costs of connectivity, maintenance, and management.

Equipping Your Campus with VoIP

Veeya makes it as easy as one, two…


Setup & Deployment

Select the functions and features to help your campus run efficiently and empower your staff to be productive. It’s as simple and that! What, how many, and where is all we need to integrate Telephony by Veeya into your school.


Manage & Maintain

VoIP accelerates communication while simplifying the process. The only thing that can slow you down is maintenance and management. Telephony by Veeya is a fully managed and maintained system, never pulling staff away from education.

You don’t have to choose between the “easy way” or the “hard way”.  Just choose Veeya.

Our service is off the charts, phenomenal. Problem solving is off the charts. The support that they are giving my teachers is so incredibly great. I know my teachers are cared for, they feel that they’re cared for. They feel like somebody is listening to them. They feel like we found a good partner in Veeya. Anything that they need I know that they’re going to be supported and everything’s going to be fine.


Anthem, AZ