Devices for Students, Staff, and Classrooms

Connected and Engaged

Nothing dominates your headspace more than student engagement. You want students attentive and locked in from bell to bell.

Educators want to leverage the power technology has to capture and keep the attention of young people.

When students, teachers, and staff are paired with the correct devices and configuration, technology enhances an environment where education can thrive without distraction.

With Veeya, everyone gets the ideal device for their role, configured with optimal settings for safety and achievement!

Optimized for student and teacher engagement

Technology is actually getting simpler.

The challenge is technology adoption and we have a way forward.

Student Devices

Personalized and Protected

Some schools choose to offer one to one devices while others will build a computer lab or utilize rolling laptop carts. No matter your model you want three things:

The Veeya device model delivers peace of mind to staff while devices are within arms reach of students. You get the benefit of technology without the struggle of management.

Staff and Faculty Devices

Configured and Connected

Technology should serve your staff, not the other way around. The secret to allowing the tech to work for you is very simple: don’t rely on teachers for technology support.

Veeya for Staff and Teachers Includes

Uniformity in devices and training minimize problems — and when there is a need, Veeya support is available.

In the classroom

Going Beyond the PC

A complete school workstation goes beyond the computer. Teachers, staff, and students will need technology to adapt to the in-classroom needs. 

Printers, docking stations, display monitors, and other device peripherals enhance the learning experience when they’re done right.

And Veeya knows exactly how to do it right. Go beyond the PC for total classroom technology integration.

Education In the Cloud

Google or Microsoft? We’re ready to support the cloud that best supports you.

Everyone at Veeya is so kind and willing to help and anticipates ways to make things easier for teachers. Thank you for all your help!


Irving, TX