Managed Paging Service & Bell Schedule System

Crystal Clear Messaging Across Your Campus

Announcements, phone calls, and bell schedules are education staples, yet, how you communicate campus wide is always evolving. Integrating your communications into one system simplifies complex equipment and amplifies your ability to customize your messaging.

Simplifying Your Messaging Technology

Veeya makes reaching a single office or every classroom campus wide easy, hassle free, and secure. The right message to the right place… every time.

Bell system for charter school

Dependable Systems for 21st Century Learning

What do you want in a school PA system? It’s simple.

Clean & Crisp Audio Campus-Wide

Our advanced PA System ensures clear audio transmission, allowing every word to be heard with pristine clarity. Whether it is announcements, emergency notifications, or daily messages, your school community will not miss a beat.

Safety Communication System

Broadcast emergency notifications quickly and effectively during critical situations. Be it weather alerts, lockdown procedures, or evacuation instructions, you have the tools to keep everyone informed and secure.

Bell Tones, Durations & Intervals

Your Veeya-powered bell system  delivers flexibility to tailor bell tones, durations, and intervals to meet your needs. With a few clicks, you can adapt to changing circumstances, optimize instructional time, and ensure smooth transitions all day.

Traditional or Custom Bell Sounds

You can replace conventional ringing sounds with music, gentle reminders, or motivational messages to create alerts that re-enforce your school values. Integrate these alerts to signal class beginnings, endings, breaks, or important announcements.

It's Time to Build Your Paging System of the Future

You’ll be delighted by what is possible and we’d love to delight you!

The Veeya team is always so kind, professional, and expertly troubleshoot and solve our computer issues. We appreciate you all!