Networking, Cabling, Cloud, and Infrastructure

Building Your School Network the Right Way

Lesson plans are powered by your school network and that means if your network goes down, your education plan goes with it… and teachers are frustrated. 

We don’t want that, you don’t want that, your teachers don’t want that. 

A strong school network requires a combination of equipment, planning, and management. That’s exactly what you get with Veeya.

Networking Designed for Education

Your Network Literally Rolls

The networking needs of a school aren’t complicated… they’re just specific. Your network solution is built off-site, rolled into place, and operational from day one.

School Networking Rack

Architected for Educational Environments

Connecting Teachers

Your initial network infrastructure (router, switching, wireless, VoIP, and monitoring) is rack mounted and rolled into place. Configured and constructed for what your school needs — nothing more, nothing less.

Protecting Data

School data is protected from day one. In addition to your connectivity devices, your network is configured with firewall protection we have rated as ideal for education data security.

The best network is the one you never think about.

Investing in networking is essential… but it’s not always straightforward. Instead of presenting you with potential choices, we deliver a proven solution.

Get to Know Cabling by Veeya

Charter schools have a “need for speed” and Cabling by Veeya is up for the challenge!

connecting your school to your people

Cable Assessment, Installation, and Maintenance by Veeya

You want a network that is fast and reliable. What you really want is cabling done the right way.

Experience and expertise are the two most important variables in laying new cable and sacrificing on either sells your organization short on your investment. 

Cabling is the lifeblood connecting your team and your ability to communicate and educate depends on fast, trustworthy connections.

Structured Cabling Services

Expertly-designed, professionally deployed, and quietly maintained cable services.

Recommended Hardwire devices

School hardwired devices for fast and reliable data.

A Cabling Plan That Meets Your Current Needs While Planning for the Future

Nothing will make technology easier for your school in the future than laying cable in a responsible, thought-out way. Cabling by Veeya is all about connecting your present and future needs together for fast and reliable data over the lifetime of your campus.

Your cabling matters to us.

It may seem a little weird, but it’s true. How your cable is planned, installed, and maintain is important because it will play a role in teachers teaching, students learning, and families celebrating their children’s achievements.

Your technicians are always so helpful and supportive. And they never make me feel stupid when my questions don’t make sense!


San Antonio, TX