A team that loves only one thing more than technology... educators.

You want to develop students into great leaders and amazing problems solvers. Not only is it impressive to see the work that tomorrow’s leaders are doing today in the classroom, it is also incredibly rewarding. Administrators, teachers, and staff have a heart for serving and supporting students and it’s important that nothing stand in between you and a student.

We believe the same thing.

Because the mission of educational is so important, schools deserve dependable wifi, reliable workstations, and fast response times so every moment counts. Fortunately for you there is a better way to to encourage and empower educators by simplifying technology.

Veeya is our spin on the Latin preposition “via,” which means “by way of; by a route that passes through.”

Rather than just providing “traditional IT,” we simplify the way educators work and help them get more done with less.

Founded In 2009

Today we keep over 35,000 educators, students, and faculty connected.

The Mission of Veeya

We help life-changers impact more lives.

The Values of Veeya

Ownership Mindset

We drive forward with our responsibilities, delivering results on-time with excellence. We operate using a one-and-done mentality (“The buck stops here”).

Relationship Driven

We care about the people we work alongside and serve, striving to connect with each other and our customers beyond a transactional experience in a way that is felt.

Love of Learning

We are excited to learn and grow into new technology, techniques, and positions. We have a hunger to understand “why” and approach situations with enthusiastic curiosity.


We selflessly and humbly approach situations with a “How can I help?” attitude. We proactively identify areas of need, determine a solution, and engage ourselves with others to solve it.

Our Team

Jeremy Cioara, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Daryl VanderHaar, Co-Founder & Vice President, Structured Cabling & Physical Security

Technology for Charter Schools

Discover the way to design technology to serve educators.