Access Control and Video Surveillance

Keep Your Campus Secure and People Safe

Your school needs a plan for security and safety… not just online but at your physical location. The only way your staff, parents, and students will feel safe and secure is when your campus has total control over physical security.

What you really want is Access Control and Video Surveillance and Veeya delivers both in an educational friendly package.

Your campus can be protected with security that makes sense for your location so everyone feels confident and secure throughout the school day.

Educational Safety Standards

Access Control for Charter School Security

A Pro-Active Plan for Safety

Access Control and Video Surveillance Services creates a secure environment where you can know everything happening at any giving moment.

Access Control

Managed Safety and Personal Security

Enhanced security measures let your staff, parents, and visitors know your school has taken a proactive stance on security. Physical Access Control by Veeya means building access is simpler to manage, more cost-effective than keys, and easily personalized for everyone.

Not only are your people protected and your facilities secure, you have detailed records of who has access, when they last accessed, and what they can access in the future.

Managed Video Surveillance

Monitor Everything Miss Nothing

Everyone wants video surveillance at their school. A virtual set of eyes that never sleep give you the ability to identify potential problems and elevate your level of care and assistance where it’s needed most.

Protect your school from open doors, monitor parking lot activities, identify sources of damage, and provide accurate video testimony should emergencies or disputes arise.

State-of-the-art security paired with friendly, familiar service.

At Veeya, we’re proud of our partnerships with leading Access Control and Video Surveillance providers. Your school receives industry leading protection and safety services with the ease and simplicity you’ve come to expect from us.

Always helpful, happy and ready to fix anything. Appreciate you guys!