You Know Education and
We Know Technology for Education

Confidence with clarity is the ideal way to start a job… wouldn’t it be great if that’s how it felt starting day one in your new school? We do our part to make sure that’s how it feels!

New Charter School Timeline

Getting Everything (and Everyone) Ready to Connect Before Day One

There is no substitute for educators and curriculum, but how educators deliver the curriculum has changed. Today, technology is at the core of every school day. 

The Veeya Technology Pathway is a coordinated approach to integrating technology into a school without compromising budgeting, teacher empowerment, or student experience.

Charter School Technology Pathway

We build technology services that are turn-key and rolled out to every charter school we support.

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Charter School Technology Pathway

If there is technology in a charter school — we do it in a stable reliable way. Technology is turnkey and rolled out in a consistent way to every charter school we support! Discover how it’s done!

This is the way Veeya does Charter School Technology

Save money. Maximize time. Empower teachers. Be ready before day one.

School domain and branding identity

Step One

School Identity

From the moment you decide the school name your online brand is established. Domain registration, cloud identity, and school branded email address and configured and ready. 

It’s a small step that makes a big impact in your school’s ability to on-ramp and on-board staff for the coming months.

Step Two

User Setup

Charter Management Organizations will hire a variety of different positions charged with leading the school and the Veeya pathway guides each new hire through safety and productivity training.

From employee one to employee 100, your new staff are granted access to all the necessary shared storage, email accounts, and network permissions so work can begin immediately.

Step three

Without Walls

Before your school walls have been raised your leaders need to bring the school to life from somewhere — and wherever that place (or those places) may be they are connected to their school network.

Veeya’s School Without Walls Program builds the first iteration of your network to serve the immediate needs of staff while simultaneously being configured for permanent installation when the school is ready.

Your network literally rolls where you need it.

Step four

Construction Starts

Would you be interested in knowing exactly where older schools wish they installed cable? Or how to avoid typical campus wireless dead spots? Of course you would!

Veeya Technology Pathway is informed by retrofitting old campuses for modern technology and staying ahead of educational technology trends to plan for the future.

Our experience informs our work installing cable, access control, speaker systems, and a pathway for technology to move forward in the future. You need more than an advisor; you need an advocate. That’s a role we are happy to play!

We don’t believe in faceless IT! We deliver technology with smiles to you.

Step five

Onsite Services

During the pathway process your onsite technician and services will automatically adjust based upon your needs, delivering all the essential services along the way.

Part of our process includes high onsite visibility, kickoff booths for faculty help, and coaching staff on requesting support, all the while modifying our availability to suit your school launch schedule.

You effectively trade “damage control IT” for proactive technology solutions, simplifying everything for everyone.

Step six

School Devices

Technology has become so simple. It is technology adoption that has become increasingly difficult for schools… unless, of course, you know the way to handle device configuration, distribution and management.

Fortunately for you, we do! And we want to do it for your staff and students.

From setup, to safety, all the way to support our pathway provides a blueprint for seamlessly rolling out devices and facilitating device adoption deliver educators with the tools to facility learning — not liability. 

Getting Started Couldn't Be Easier!