Network & Cabling

Fast. Reliable. Secure. Right-Sized.

Expertly-designed, professionally-deployed, quietly maintained.

Network not as fast or dependable as it should be?

How many times have you heard a team member complain about "the internet being slow" or had your device kicked off the network? It seems organizations big and small, across every industry, share challenges such as these from time to time. We understand you need every employee at peak performance. We get that you want every person to love their job and have faith in your company. Let us help deliver on these noble desires with a great network capably connecting every person and every device.


Structured Cabling Services

The foundation of any computer network starts with well-designed, professionally installed cabling. At Veeya, we take your network's foundation seriously because we understand the high stakes involved with Life-Changers. For you, it's not just a network connectivity, it's the lifeblood connecting you to your team. Your ability to collaborate and simply get your job done depends on fast, trustworthy connections.

· Fiber and Ethernet (Cat5e and Cat6)
· Underground and Conduit
· IP Phone and paging/speaker systems
· Connections to access control systems (door locks)
· Secure wireless networks (WiFi)
· Video Surveillance systems

Managed Network Services

Because our founder is one of the most respected architects on the planet (seriously), we're especially proud of how we design, deploy, and maintain networks. Over the years, we've seen many "traditional" IT companies sell equipment that's way more than a small or medium sized business, school, or church really needs. Our promise is to "right-size" networks for the people we serve so they can focus funds on real "Life-Changer" expenses.

· Routing and Firewall (security, failover, load balancing)
· Switching infrastructure (VLAN design, security)
· Secure wireless networks (WiFi, RADIUS, guest portals)
· Power management (Conditioned & protected power/backup)
· Carrier management (simplified billing, faster outage resolution)
· High-value monthly service eliminates budget surprises

Meet Jeremy Cioara | “Yes, he really is that Jeremy.”

If you've spent any time deep in the "network side" of technology, you've probably heard of Jeremy (just in case you're struggling, his last name is pronounced "Charra"). Literally tens of thousands of network engineers from all over the world advanced their careers based on something they learned from Jeremy. Over the last 20 years, he's delivered more than 5,500 hours of advanced video training that 56,000 people have watched for a total of 13 million minutes (that's about an average of 4 hours per person)! He's also written several books and been a featured presenter at dozens of networking conferences. Jeremy founded Veeya because he knew we could build scalable models capable of providing schools, churches, and adult care communities with something better. His vision for building standards-based systems enables us to provide these "right-sized" services at high-value costs and beyond our "core three" customer types, so we can help small and medium sized businesses, too.

Project Framework

We follow the same process for every project. Our aim is to ensure we're proactively answering questions, effectively communicating, and aligned with your expectations every step of the way.

· Gather & Clarify | Pursue mutual understanding of requirements
· Prepare & Document | Ensure clarity and alignment
· Validate & Build | Sign agreement and get started
· Deploy & Test | Well-planned deployment and verification
· Operationalize & Convey | Customer training and invoicing

Proven Practices

Here is a high-level short list of our cabling services:

· Port labels and maps, network diagrams
· Cable management (that's "office tour-worthy")
· Cable quality certifications and ongoing support
· Indoor & Outdoor Infrastructure
· Wireless Access Point (WAP) layout, install, and support
· MDF & IDF Design (servers, battery backups, switches, racks)
· Line-by-line Cable Testing & Certification
· Asset Documentation
· Email and Phone Support (based in Arizona and Texas)

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