Veeya Adds Sales Leadership Talent to Meet Schools’ Growing Technology Needs

Veeya Adds Sales Leadership Talent to Meet Schools’ Growing Technology Needs Veeya poised to help educators leverage the E-Rate program and shift to online collaboration Tempe, Ariz. (Jan. 6, 2020) — Veeya, a new kind of services provider, welcomes Dawn Palermo … Read More

How This School Went Remote at Record Speeds

How This School Went Remote at Record Speeds Due to COVID-19, many businesses and schools have been forced to go remote and work from home, Central Coast Grammar School in Australia being one of them. Recently, our Founder & CTO, … Read More

Remote Meeting Chaos

Remote Meeting Chaos At this point in time, you’re probably a master at remote meetings. You know how to schedule, how to make sure your mic is up to the task, and your meetings are so much more productive than they … Read More

6 Ways to Identify a Phishing Email

6 Ways to Identify a Phishing Email How to Spot a Fake Email Phishing continues to be one of the most prevalent ways to gain unauthorized access and steal money from businesses or individuals. Over 86,000 phishing websites were discovered … Read More

Veeya Adds Key Executive Talent to Accelerate Growth

Veeya Adds Key Executive Talent  to Accelerate Growth On the heels of its tenth anniversary, the tech company hires Ward Huseth as Chief Operating Officer Tempe, Ariz. (Jan. 6, 2020) — Veeya, a new kind of services provider focused on … Read More

Changing your default browser

Changing your default browser Do you have a preferred browser? Watch this video as Steven takes us through choosing and setting your preferred browser as default. Default Browser Setup: Allows you to open links in your preferred browser Quick and … Read More

Setting your lock screen

Setting your lock screen In this video, Steven walks us through how to set our Lock screen / Screen Saver. Lock Screen / Screen Saver: Secure your computer automatically Set your computer to lock after so many minutes Learn how … Read More

What is phishing?

What is phishing? In this video, our CTO and Founder, Jeremy Cioara teaches us a little bit about phishing.Phishing: Is an attempt to scam you To take some of yours and transfer it to them Two primary methods: Email phishing … Read More

Want your inbox to work quicker?

Want your inbox to work quicker? Is your Outlook Inbox running too slow? Would you like your inbox to work quicker? Watch this video and Steven will walk you through some simple steps to speed up your inbox. Outlook Inbox … Read More

Setting automatic email reply’s

Automatic Reply Outlook Automatic Reply’s help you communicate key information to someone who emails you. You can notify others that you are “Out of office” as well as providing an alternate contact or other important information that you want to … Read More