About Veeya

The heart of Veeya is all about providing a better way. It’s the very essence of our name. Veeya is our spin on the Latin preposition “via,” which means “by way of; by a route that passes through.”

We believe schools deserve a new and better way to leverage technology; and have created a framework specifically for Education that is governed by proven formulas and scalable, standards-based systems. In the process, we have carefully selected grades of equipment that are right-sized for schools — all without crushing a school’s budget.

We believe deeply that “Education Deserves Better” and we’re thrilled you’ve decided to join us on the journey. Our hopes for you: that you love coming to work, that you learn how to do things you never dreamed you could, and that you learn how to consider others in everything you do.


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Current Opportunities

Director of Customer Success 

The Director of Customer Success is responsible for developing customer retention and loyalty by building trustworthy relationships. This role will have primary responsibility for both the strategic relationships within a given region (state or large metro area) and the team of Technical Account Managers (TAMs) who prioritize projects, provide technical support and help staff members and teachers better understand how to best leverage the services we provide. In addition to ensuring customers are satisfied with our services, this role will help clarify necessary improvements to the rest of the organization and help identify new service areas that will help build trust and value. 

For the next 12-24 months, this role will report directly to the CEO. 

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Technical Account Manager 

 Technical Account Managers (TAMs) have the strategic responsibility of establishing, maintaining, and nurturing positive, trust-based relationships between Veeya and a set of named accounts (typically specific schools and/or organizations). The successful TAM will build high levels of rapport and customer satisfaction by consistently providing value in ways that help Veeya customers reach their goals in terms of technology and productivity. 

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