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Education deserves better

Your job title might not show it, but we know you’re an educator. Your primary mission is to help make better people. Literally. So is ours. The information technology field has served the corporate world well; but the methods don’t always align with your needs. We strive to extend “IT” to meet the unique demands education places on technology.

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We’ve been in the trenches

We’re educators too. Our foundation is centered on building experiences that help people connect the dots. We love the process of blazing trails through complexity to remove frustration and eliminate friction points between people and the resources they need. Jeremy Cioara, our CTO and co-founder is a renowned networking expert who has invested most of his professional life helping others improve their lives through technology. Not only has he engineered his way through hundreds of real-world technology conundrums, he’s taught thousands how to design, deploy, and support more scalable and resilient networks.


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Veeya is a certified E-rate Managed Service Provider focused on providing technology solutions for K-12 schools throughout Arizona and Texas. We’re certified in both Category 1 and Category 2 services with specialization in charter school organizations and private schools. Unlike larger service providers, we enjoy the process of building trusting relationships with schools and pride ourselves on ‘right-sizing’ solutions for your situation.