Authenticate. Authorize. Manage.

Managing your users and devices is about protecting the content you paid them to create.

You have questions. We have answers.

Can we standardize updates and applications? How will we protect against viruses/malware? Where should we get our devices and who will handle receiving, cataloging, configuring, and delivery? Can you allow or require certain people to use their personal device? How will we ensure our devices are using antivirus/antimalware tools and applying regular updates? How do we protect Intellectual Property and confidential data?

User Account with a Managed Device

Managed users with Veeya-managed devices

Disabled Accounts

Managed accounts no longer in use but cannot be deleted for legal and/or compliance reasons.

User Account with a Personal Device

Managed users with personal devices, not managed by Veeya

Service & Email-Only Accounts

Necessary managed accounts that cannot be used as primary accounts.

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Managed Services Overview

Active Directory provides the infrastructure where every “user account” and managed “computer account” for the entire organization is stored, secured and managed. As such, it is the single-most strategic technology solution across the organization. When considering your overall monthly recurring expenses, partnering with Veeya to manage your users and devices will enable your team to invest more time solving challenges that matter most to your customers.


Is this user who they say they are?


What are this user’s permissions (e.g., files/folders, printers, apps) based on their role?

User Management

The tools and policies we use to provision/disable/secure/manage users and groups.

We understand

Veeya understands that every business is different and that budgets can dictate some of these decisions. Regardless, we simplify the process by implementing standard methods of managing users. If your organization plans to provide devices, we can help choose a device portfolio aligned to your budget. We include both “economical” and “higher-end” models from Lenovo, Dell, and HP and strongly recommend Microsoft Surface devices. While virtually every organizations is moving more people and processes toward technology, we believe each group should move at its own pace. One of the first decisions revolves around selecting the devices your team members will use.

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