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The Heart of Veeya

The heart of Veeya is all about providing a better way. It’s the very essence of our name. Veeya is our spin on the Latin preposition “via,” which means “by way of; by a route that passes through.” We believe schools, non-profits, and small/medium size businesses deserve better ways to leverage technology provided as a service. Veeya enables, empowers, and encourages people who love to help others by simplifying technology. Rather than just providing “traditional IT,” we will simplify the way people work and help them get more done with less.

Our Leadership

Jeremy Cioara

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Jeremy is an internationally-recognized network infrastructure expert who has spent much of his career helping engineers design and deploy better networks. He is an accomplished network consultant, author, and professional speaker whose online video series and books have enabled tens of thousands of technologists to build a better life through technology. Part prodigy, part coach.

Frank Gartland

Chief Executive Officer
Frank is the enthusiastic business leader steadfast on empowering us to deliver our mission. He is passionate about building experiences that people love and that our services enable Life-Changers to positively impact more lives. Frank is considered a pioneer of live virtual classroom instruction technologies and techniques. After leading product strategy and development teams at startups and turnarounds like iLinc and KnowledgeNet, Frank was responsible for Microsoft Virtual Academy with Microsoft.

Ward Huseth

Chief Operating Officer
Ward is the accomplished financial and operations leader responsible for holding us accountable to our core values. His track-record of scaling education organizations and leveraging technology to streamline operations aligns directly with the people Veeya serves. He comes to Veeya from National Education Partners and previously served as the CFO of Great Hearts Academies and the Charter School Growth Fund after executive roles at Knowledge Learning Corp and eCollege.

Scott Harris

Vice President, Customer Relationships
Scott is the servant leader tasked with helping our customer-facing teams build long-lasting, trustworthy relationships. He spent 2017-2019 in the Seattle area helping venture-backed companies like DreamBox, learning to scale through healthy customer relationships. While Veeya is excited about Harris’ experience growing businesses, it’s the approach he developed while an executive pastor at Christ Church of the Valley (CCV) that makes him a perfect fit from a culture perspective.

Jose Angel Garcia, Jr.

Director, Technology Services
Jose is the digital transformation expert focused on leading our technical services and engineering teams. He first became passionate about technology during his seven years with the U.S. Navy. After roles with Alliance Defending Freedom, Catholic Healthcare West, and a few others, Jose served University of Phoenix as a Senior System Architect responsible for Office 365 and SharePoint services and Brillio as the Digital Transformation Architect helping APS move to Office 365.

Daryl VanderHaar

Co-Founder & Vice President, Business Development, Cabling & Physical Security
Daryl is the wise counselor focused on finding new people for Veeya to serve. As a founder with Jeremy back in 2009, Daryl has been with us from the beginning. Starting in 2020, he will focus exclusively on building partnership-level relationships with organizations who would benefit from our physical security, cabling, and networking services. Formerly, Daryl was Founder, President, and CEO of Ironwood Litho, one of the largest printing companies in Arizona, and a founding member and Board Chair of Word of Grace Church, which was adopted by Hillsong.
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OneDrive connects you to all your files in Office 365 so you can share and work together from anywhere while protecting your work.


Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.


Our networking services are designed to match your organization and ensure the connection between your staff and the Internet is right-sized and safe.

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