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“Right-Sized Networks“ Explained

High-performing secure connectivity for a fair price.

Why haven't you bought the latest Winnebago?

If you don’t have the time or desire to drive your home all over the country, why would you buy a swanky new RV? In many ways, this is how we think about networking. While many “traditional IT” providers focus on selling enterprise-grade equipment with flashy technical capabilities that greatly exceed what you could ever use, we believe in prescribing the best solution to scale just beyond what you’ll need. Our focus is to help you save money so you can better fund your mission.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Thanks in large part to our founder, Jeremy Cioara, we have the chops to design and standardize the most complicated, high-volume, and secure networks you can fathom. But if you’re a small or medium-sized business on a mission, a school transforming a community one kid at a time, a church transforming a community one soul at a time, or senior care community helping families cope with aging loved ones, you shouldn’t spend a small fortune on equipment designed to scale beyond your needs.

Nobody Likes Unwelcome Surprises.

We’re consistently surprised about how organizations deploy wireless networks. We find they’re often deployed in ways that cannot provide people with the most reliable, secure, and “fast” online experiences possible with their internet connections. 

Here are just a few problems we find:

Security exposures allowing people to “borrow” your bandwidth and inviting hacker to leverage your investment.

Design (or lack thereof) and deployment creates “dead areas” where team members cannot connect reliably.

Organizations paying high annual licenses for the life of the network.

Wireless Access Points (WAP’s) installed in locations that produce unnecessary interference.

Four Reasons Veeya loves Ubiquiti for Right-Sized Networks

1. They Work Better!

2. They Cost Less!

3. There's Proof!

Third-party broadband testing company, Alethea, conducted Wireless Access Point tests in a high-density environment with 100 WiFi clients running the test simultaneously.

4. It's Our Specialty!

Last year, one of our competitors installed and supported 80 Wireless Access Points (WAP's) at a local charter school. After faculty kept complaining about poor connection speeds and disconnection issues, we went in and removed 23 WAP's, changed the location of more than 20 others, then individually tuned and applied our standard configuration. This has significantly improved the school's productivity and overall wireless experience.

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