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The heart of Veeya

The heart of Veeya is all about providing a better way. It’s the very essence of our name. Veeya is our spin on the Latin preposition “via,” which means “by way of; by a route that passes through.” We believe schools, non-profits, and small/medium size businesses deserve better ways to leverage technology provided as a service. Veeya enables, empowers, and encourages people who love to help others by simplifying technology. Rather than just providing “traditional IT,” we will simplify the way people work and help them get more done with less.


Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

@CioaraJeremy | CCIE #11727 | Routing & Switching

Jeremy is the visionary technology leader who first imagined building a company that exists to enable educators by “simplifying the insanity of technology.” He is a rare blend of a technical prodigy, compelling communicator, and caring coach. Jeremy is an internationally-recognized infrastructure expert who has spent much of his career helping engineers design and deploy better networks. He is an accomplished network consultant, author and professional speaker whose online video series and books have enabled tens of thousands of technologists (literally) to build a better life through technology.


Chief Executive Officer

Frank is the enthusiastic business leader focused on empowering us to deliver our mission better every day. He thrives on helping teams take the “next best step” and building meaningful culture based on results. After receiving his BA in Social Studies Education from Purdue, Frank dove head first into the learning and online collaboration industry where he has spent the last 25 years. He is passionate about building learning experiences people love and is considered a pioneer of live virtual classroom instruction technologies and techniques. In addition to success with two startups and two turnarounds, Frank was responsible for Microsoft Virtual Academy during a three-year stint with Microsoft.


Chief Financial Officer & Co-founder

Daryl is the wise counselor focused on organizing financial and sales operations while encouraging each member of the Veeya team. He provides personal and professional mentorship. He provides personal and professional mentorship that helps us move from fellow employees to the family. Daryl was Founder, President, and CEO of Ironwood Lithographer’s, one of the largest printing companies in Arizona until they were acquired in 1998. During this time, he was elected to the National Board of Directors of the Printing Industry in Washington D.C., representing 73,000 printing companies nationwide. He was a founding member, and CEO of Word of Grace Church, which was adopted by Hillsong in 2017.


Have a question? We are constantly looking for better ways to enable, empower, and encourage people through technology. Let us know what you need.


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