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Managed Network Services

While we exist to “connect things,” the most important connection for us is the one between people. Everything we do supports that connection. As innovators, you encourage people to explore. For us, this concept applies whether you’re setting up a temporary testing center, or going (gasp) outside in the fresh air. We make that work for you. Consistently.

Structured Cabling Services

The foundation of any computer network starts with the Cabling. At Veeya, we take your network’s foundation seriously because we understand the high stakes involved with Life-Changers. For you, it’s not just a network, it’s connectivity to stream a sermon, support on-line curriculum or input critical FERPA information. Let us help build your foundation or let us nurture your network back to health.

Carrier (ISP) Management

Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) partnerships allow us to often get better prices, but the real benefit is freeing you up from having to deal with difficult carriers when issues inevitably arise. We assist in right-sizing your bandwidth to fit your budget and technical needs.

Trustworthy Firewall

We’re especially proud of the configurations to these key devices. Thanks to our CTO & Co-founder, Jeremy Cioara, we’re able to take an enterprise-grade approach to intrusion protection, right-sized network redundancy, and failover procedures.

Secure & Reliable Wireless Connectivity

Dependable mobile network connectivity delivering on speed, coverage, and capacity without compromising on the security that prevents unwanted, and even dangerous wireless traffic.

Web Browsing & Content Filtering

We continue to be amazed with the incredible amount of content available online. So many resources that help organizations grow and learners learn. At the same time, the number of “inappropriate” websites is staggering – and growing every day. We offer an optional content filtering service to ensure safe web browsing.

Switching, Power, & Cabling

This “central nervous system” that connects all devices can get very complicated. To provide sanity, we offer valuable deliverables such as port labels and maps, network diagrams, “office tour-worthy” cable management, and cable quality certifications in addition to on-going support.

Full Network Monitoring

Using a robust and scalable tool, we can monitor the health of your network equipment to react quickly, and even proactively to issues. All of this is done behind the scenes so you can sleep easy at night.

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