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Let’s face it. You and your team spend a ton of time producing and creating. Most of this activity is captured (saved) as a file stored in a folder on a local or network hard disk somewhere. These personal documents represent hours of work your organization has literally paid people to create. These reports, plans, spreadsheets, presentations, designs, reviews, handouts, outlines, assignments, and stories – in some ways – are the tangible evidence of your investment in people. And they’re valuable to your future and the future of your team.

Leverage Office 365 to better share and collaborate

As a Managed Service Provider who has been around for over 10 years, Veeya has a variety of proven methods to safeguard your documents in ways that right-size the balance between security, access, collaboration, backup, and assurance. Our most trusted and strongly recommended approach leverages Microsoft SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Teams, and OneNote – Powerful applications included with Office 365.

User Experience Simplicity

Nothing new to learn! Just save to Documents folder or the Desktop and OneDrive does the rest. Ever made a silly mistake and saved the changes? Never fear – OneDrive and SharePoint both store versions of every document so you can easily recover work you thought was “lost.”

Access from Anywhere

View, edit, and even share any document from any device from anywhere you have an Internet connection. OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Teams all have feature-rich, easy-to-use apps – you’ll be amazed what you can do from your phone! You’ll have full edit access on the run.

Backups “Automagically"

Worried about important files accidentally being deleted or disappearing? Don’t be. SharePoint automatically stores previous versions and backups that you can easily recover.

Enterprise-grade Security

Microsoft’s cloud leverages proven and world-class datacenters and security models.

Are Veeya cloud services a good fit for you?

OneDrive Deployment Services

Securely share documents and edit in real-time. Your teams’ productivity will increase, students will be able to finish that group project or presentation together, but remotely.

Built for Collaboration

Consultative research and planning regarding your users’ personal files and folders (e.g., quantity of files, locations)

Fully Customizable

Provisioning OneDrive for Business for each user and deploying the app to each users’ managed device

Unlimited Upgrades

Coaching on ways to identify and simply copy personal files stored on on-premises, network-based file systems

What's different?

For customers using Veeya’s managed user services, there are no additional monthly costs for OneDrive. • Provides proven plan to efficiently modernize your file storage solution • Secure migration of user documents to OneDrive for Business • User training to increase productivity

"Veeya provides expert services and delivers on their promises. The whole experience exceeded expectations - especially because it all came with a friendly smile. This truly feels like the future of technology services."
Veeya Customer