Veeya Onsite Technician

Phoenix, AZ

About Veeya

We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) focused on helping academic and non-profit organizations by providing safe and reliable Internet connectivity, secure and connected campus infrastructure, responsive wireless networks, dependable and modern Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, and controlled, role-based devices. Our passion is enabling, empowering, and encouraging those who give of themselves to educate and care for others by simplifying technology. 

We take pride in our culture and are seeking candidates who reflect our core values – and have skills in technology to boot. Ideal candidates will display the following characteristics: 

  1. Enthusiastic curiosity – these people are natural problem solvers who aren’t afraid to ask “why”: why something works the way it does, why a process happens a certain way, etc. People who are enthusiastically curious help others around them grow in their own understanding and are always seeking a better way to do things. 
  2. Servant-hearted – these people are motivated to help others, whether those people are clients, peers, or even strangers. We at Veeya are dedicated to making technology simple because we want to help our clients focus on their own fields of expertise, be it education or service. 
  3. Relationship-driven – these people do not just want to help others one time, they want to cultivate a strong, lasting relationship with them. We want our clients to trust that we can deliver quality services to them and their companies on a long-term basis and want each of our employees to reflect that motivation in their day-to-day interactions.  
  4. Ownership mindset – these people take pride in what they are doing and follow it through to its completion. They bring energy and joy to others around them through their can-do attitude. These people make great leaders and don’t just look out for themselves, but also seek to bring others up alongside them. 
  5. Watch this YouTube video from our founder that explains the culture of Veeya 

Primary Job Responsibilities 

Our Onsite Technicians have several strategic responsibilities: 

  1. This position will be customer-facing onsite 4 days a week with one day for training, mentoring, and development.
  2. Resolve incoming “level 1” customer requests, either via phone or email within ten business hours. 
  3. Escalate more difficult “level 2” requests following internal processes in a timely fashion to get the customer to the technician who can best assist them. 
  4. Quality check internal process documentation and communicate when processes are unclear or missing. 
  5. Recognize trends in user issues and communicate these trends to the relevant parties.  

Required Skills and Abilities

Our Level 1 Help Desk Technicians have several strategic responsibilities: 

  1. Fluent in English
    • You will be communicating with our customers both via phone and email. Emails are expected to be professional and grammatically correct – no text speak with clients. 
  2. Customer service skills 
    • Serving as the “front-line” between Veeya and our clients, you must be able to communicate with them in a confident and polite manner. 
  3. Base-level aptitude for technology 
    • We will be providing ample training opportunities for you on our processes and basic technology requests, but you will be much more likely to succeed if you already have a basic understanding of computers, phones, networks, etc. Be sure to highlight any IT experience you have. 

Who We’re Looking For 

We are looking to hire Onsite technicians who are located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. There will be a combination of remote and on-site work, with on site work either being at our Tempe, AZ office or at a client site. Currently, we are not offering relocation assistance for applicants residing outside these three areas. 

While having IT experience is awesome, we are seeking people who may just be starting out in their technology careers and are looking for opportunities to learn and grow. If you think that our core values align with yours, and if you are interested in taking the first steps in a career in one of the fastest growing industries, we look forward to reviewing your application!