Cabling Quote

Veeya Cabling

Veeya completes cabling jobs the right way and not just the EASY way.

You can be assured that all Veeya’s patch cables installed in MDF/IDF rooms comply with our color standard for ease of identification in troubleshoot scenarios.

·Back – standard wall port and phone port.
·White – wireless access point.
·Red – internet and trunk connections (i.e. ISP device to router or switch to switch).
·Yellow – site server connections.
·Blue – security systems.
·Green – all third-party devices.

– All your patch cables will be installed in a clean fashion in applicable cable managers.

– Your new cables will be secured with Velcro straps or cable ties where practicable.

– We guarantee cable labels will be in numerical order and continue on to fit each patch

panel in the room.

Why we’re different?

The foundation of any computer network starts with well-designed, professionally

installed cabling. At Veeya, we take your network’s foundation seriously because we

understand the high stakes involved with Life-Changers. For you, it’s not just a network

connectivity, it’s the lifeblood connecting you to your team. Your ability to collaborate

and simply get your job done depends on fast, trustworthy connections.

· Fiber and Ethernet (Cat5e and Cat6)

· Underground and Conduit

· IP Phone and paging/speaker systems

· Connections to access control systems (door locks)

· Secure wireless networks (WiFi)

· Video Surveillance systems