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Veeya Helping Benevilla Focus on Therapy and Care

Benevilla Veeya is a proud partner of Benevilla who has five locations providing restorative therapy, memory care and community to hundreds of aging adults every day. Veeya provides onsite support every week to enable Benevilla to focus on providing care … Read More

Secure the Future

Secure the Future How many times have your employees lost their keys or key cards? How many times have you had to re-key your doors or reconfigure your Smart Card systems because you don’t know for sure if employees share … Read More

Is Cyber Security on your mind? It should be.

Is Cyber Security on your mind? It should be. Data in the cloud, Security on-site? In a recent post, we shared how Veeya is helping our client’s better guard their information. Here’s some more information to think about. Cloud solutions … Read More

Security—where do I start?!

Security—where do I start?! Oh, man. Security. Where do we start? Despite all the hacks and attacks we read about weekly, how many of us use this topic to practice our procrastination skills? Nothing encourages the “I’ll do it next … Read More

School Cyberattacks are on the Rise

School Cyberattacks are on the Rise Every single day, countless new “threats” surface on the Internet. Traditional content filtering solutions are no longer strong enough. A recent cyberattack on six Alabama school districts shut down 4,000 computers and delayed the … Read More

Better Connectivity for Less Money

Better Connectivity for Less Money More isn’t always better! As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it’s fairly typical for us to come into a situation where a business or school has been “oversold.” In some cases, they have enterprise-grade equipment … Read More

All School Power Outage! ​

All School Power Outage! With a line of kids paying for lunch? Yikes!Every school lunch period seems busier than Grand Central Station. Kids everywhere. Loud. Why are they yelling? Now imagine a few hundred hungry kids all in line to … Read More

Windows 10 Version 1903, May 2019 Update

Windows 10 Version 1903, May 2019 Update 8 Best FeaturesSystem updates are our friend, they plug security holes, fix bugs, and help ensure our overall user experience is better. We get they can come at inopportune times, but you can … Read More