Secure the Future

Secure the Future

How many times have your employees lost their keys or key cards?
How many times have you had to re-key your doors or reconfigure your Smart Card systems because you don’t know for sure if employees share keys or turn them in before they leave the company? And don’t get me started on cameras. Most executives treat them like glorified warning
s signs, with the hopes that criminals will see them and maybe (just maybe) decide to turn the other way.

Imagine the alternative
Imagine having the ability to open a door for a locked-out employee while you’re traveling across the country. Maybe you want to remove a rogue employee’s access; wouldn’t it be nice to do that in 2 seconds. Perhaps you want alerts on your phone because a door is open after hours, with a link to view the live camera footage from your phone. Don’t want to issue key fobs, cards, and badges? Let employees use their phones to unlock your doors. You can be sure employees will protect their “keys” with this feature!

It’s already mainstream
In a day and age where employees can control their home door lock, thermostat, lighting, and security from their phone, it’s no longer a nice to have at work; it’s mainstream. Think Google Nest, but for your organization.

Is it secure?

Now the question is: is it cyber secure? If you’re going to move all my legacy hardware to the digital cloud, it better be safe from hackers and all that other cyber stuff.

We utilize 256-bit encryption for all communications, offer 24-hour threat monitoring, and third-party cybersecurity certifications such as the CSA Star, Privacy Shield, and AICPA. In other words, it’s really secure.

Access control
We can provide our customers with access control that they can be confident in, without slowing things down or adding more work! If you are as excited about learning more, please give us a call, and we will all work together to bring you a security solution that’s right for you! 
Give us a ring at 602-445-6101 or email Jim to set up a time to talk and learn more.

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