Is Cyber Security on your mind? It should be.

Is Cyber Security on your mind? It should be.

Data in the cloud, Security on-site?

In a recent post, we shared how Veeya is helping our client’s better guard their information. Here’s some more information to think about.

Cloud solutions have been revolutionary to the way we do business. Cloud is so convenient and so much cheaper to maintain than on-premise hardware. Even security solutions, like content filtering and threat protection, are moving to the cloud. The question is, is this safe? A few years ago, many cybersecurity professionals turned up their noses at moving everything to the cloud. Others jumped on the opportunity to stop using expensive hardware. 

Today, the consensus is that many cloud-based solutions are just as secure, if not more secure, than their on-premise predecessors. Content filtering and threat protection (also known as DNS blocking) is an especially good solution to move to the cloud, since most of your data is in the cloud anyway. Beyond being cyber-secure, here are other benefits to having a cloud-based DNS blocker.

WebSCREEN – Always up to date

Security solutions are only as good as their weakest link—or their latest update. If you have on-premise (on-site) based security only, SOMEONE must ensure that your equipment has the latest updates and patches. If you’re behind on updates or patches, you’re vulnerable. Veeya’s WebSCREEN is updated in real-time.

Keep Remote Workers efficient and safe. No problem.

If you have remote workers that must use a VPN to get to your office to receive protection and filtering, that will introduce slower connections and decreased efficiency. With WebSCREEN (built on DNS Filter technology), you can connect from anywhere and receive the same level of protection and filtering, minus the slowness.

Solid redundancy you can count on

WebSCREEN leverages DNS Filter’s network with datacenters in 30+ cities, giving it multiple levels of redundancy. Your ability to be safe on the Internet is critical to your business. Don’t leave it to a single server or a single piece of hardware (we call these single points of failure). WebSCREEN is always up and running, no matter what catastrophe might happen to your building. You can count on WebSCREEN, and we can help you get it set up. Give us a ring at 602-445-6101 or email Jim to set up a time to talk and learn more.

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