School Cyberattacks are on the Rise

School Cyberattacks are on the Rise

Every single day, countless new “threats” surface on the Internet. Traditional content filtering solutions are no longer strong enough. A recent cyberattack on six Alabama school districts shut down 4,000 computers and delayed the opening of a school year for more than a week. The cause? One click in one email. For most of us, this sort of incident is the last thing we want to see – or even think about at work. Yet as business and school leaders in 2019, providing this type of protection is our duty. Of course, most businesses and every school has content filtering, but the bad guys are getting more and more creative, and “the dedicated” are often better at beating legacy technology than we would like to admit. Bottom line, it’s tough for many content filtering solutions to stay ahead of malicious links and nasty sites.


Veeya Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to beat the “bad guys”

Veeya deploys a comprehensive content filtering service called WebSCREEN to protect the team members, partners, and kids that use your network to access the web. WebSCREEN leverages DNSFilter technology – the only providers in the industry using security threat analysis powered by A.I. and machine learning. This allows us to keep our security threat data updated and pushed down to your networks in real time, so you’re always protected from zero-day attacks and new vulnerabilities, such as command and control (botnet) attacks, malware, viruses, and other threats – even phishing attacks on your organization.


Let’s talk about your approach to network security

Let’s face it, you and your entire staff are online all day long. If you’re an educator, the web becomes more a part of your students’ research projects and assignments every day. We would love the chance to better understand what you’re doing well and where we might be able to help. Whether it’s with content filtering or aspect of providing secure, reliable, and fast connections to every team member!

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