Better Connectivity for Less Money

Better Connectivity for Less Money

More isn’t always better!

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it’s fairly typical for us to come into a situation where a business or school has been “oversold.” In some cases, they have enterprise-grade equipment (and associated annual licensing costs) when they truly should have something designed for a smaller organization. In other cases, they have 20 widgets when they wouldn’t notice if they only had 10.


School sold 23 more WAPs than they needed

When we took over the network for a great charter school in northern Phoenix, it was immediately clear that the teachers and staff were frustrated with wireless connectivity. When performing our initial Site Survey (we love Ekahau wireless design tools by the way), we were surprised to see the school had substantially more Wireless Access Points (WAPs) than we would recommend – and most every WAP had an almost out-of-the-box configuration. Despite the extra investment in more WAPs, people were still complaining.

  • Computers and phones randomly disconnected, especially between buildings
  • Several “dead zones” throughout the campus
  • Printing challenges in certain areas
  • Difficulty keeping Student Devices connected during standardized testing days


Right-sized network: Less money. Great connectivity.

Once we completed our spectrum analysis and design, we found that a drastically different WAP distribution plan and a slew of better configuration options would produce a fairly dramatic improvement in the overall experience. When we took some time to explain how wireless works to the school administration, then shared our plans to remove 23 WAPs from their budget with this new design, they were pretty excited. Here are a few benefits they’re now enjoying

  • Significantly less monthly charges supporting the wireless network
  • Wireless is noticeably faster for their teachers and staff
  • No more “dead zones”
  • No more random disconnects. People stay connected all day.
  • Standardized testing days have substantially less stress!
  • Older devices with slower network cards no longer slow down everyone else

Lastly, this charter school was able to re-allocate those 23 WAPs to other schools in their network; four other schools were also able to benefit from the project. More tech isn’t always better, let Veeya help you right-size technology services at your school or office. Give us a ring at 602-445-6101 or email Jim to set up a time to talk and learn more.

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