All School Power Outage! ​

All School Power Outage!

With a line of kids paying for lunch? Yikes!
Every school lunch period seems busier than Grand Central Station. Kids everywhere. Loud. Why are they yelling? Now imagine a few hundred hungry kids all in line to pay for their delicious school lunch. Then, all the power goes out. Wow. Ugly. Day.


We love helping kids eat!
Of course, we wish school would serve more bacon, but we get it. In all honesty, this just happened last week at one of the cool charter schools we love. The good news is that our network design kept the Internet and MealTime computer up and running so every kid was able to pay for lunch. Sure, the kiddos had to eat in the dark, but at least there were no delays in the normal school schedule.

Here’s a great quote from one of the more technical stakeholders from the school’s central offices: “This situation can be described as what NASA would call a ‘successful failure.’ We had a major system malfunction (power outage) that was totally outside our control but the mission (keeping the school running) was never at risk. This is real world evidence that Veeya’s tech systems power design is rock solid.”


Just a peek under the hood
Thanks to our CTO and Co-founder, Jeremy Cioara, we provide schools and small businesses with enterprise-grade services at a right-sized price. Jeremy and his team have developed advanced standard configurations for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PRO firewalls, Cisco SG-series switches, Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access points, APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies and an AI-powered content filtering solution that keeps some of the Internet’s less desirable content out of your network.

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